Nghi Thức Thánh Tẩy và Thêm Sức Khóa Giáo Lý Tân Tòng 2020-21

CHÚC MỪNG CHÚC MỬNG anh chị em khóa Giáo Lý Tân Tòng Nguời Lớn RCIA, trở thành con cái Thiên Chúa, và Giáo Hội chào mừng những thành viên mới gia nhập cộng đồng Công Giáo hoàn vũ hôm nay. Anh chị em sẽ tiếp tục học cho dến hết khóa vào Ngày Lễ Ngũ Tuần.

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Today the parish witnesses the blessings, the congregation returns to attend Mass after over a year of indoor isolation, parishioners are now allowed to attend the Mass inside the church, there is no empty seat, with a safe distance of 3ft /1m. Especially there are parishioners who have returned to the church for the first time after months of absence. The new generation of Catholic of brothers and sisters today will receive Baptism from the altar for the first time after months of online distant learning, not certain when to be baptized, according to the regulations from diocesan rules and CDC health agency.

BLESSINGS to the RCIA class of 2020-2021, to become the children of God. The Church welcomes her new members to the universal Catholic community today. The class will continue to complete its curriculum on the Feast of the Pentecost, ending the Easter season.




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